Xone 4D Traktor Scratch Pro mapping Walkthrough

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Hi!,With this mapping you can control 4 (track) decks or 3 track decks and 1 remix deck. The remix deck has to be on deck D.It will be downloadable via the djtechtools website.Let me know what you think of it.Me on Mixcloud:Go to ‘Mappings’, Traktor, ‘A&H Xone 4D’, choose the mapping made by 'Subzi'

Traktor Walkthrough Xone 4D djtechtools

Where do I get the .tsi file?
David Bacon
my in/out ports does not offer the xone 4d option??? Do you have any suggestion why that is??
Fernando Borderias
Many thanks for the Mapping! Just a question. Because everything is working except the central part of the mixer where I have the Fader, the bass mid, etc.. of each channel. Do you know if I did somenthing wirng?
Francisco Velazquez :: DJBan E.M.C.
Jordi Villanueva
Hi, has anyone problems with the last Mac driver v3.3.17_2 (April 2018). I cant upload it. I follow the instructions but the traktor doesn’t recognize the Allen and heat 4D. I’v bee few month without no mixing because of this issue. Thanks
Maxking Max
I'm looking for my XONE 4D for a good mapping for my traktor 2.11\nunfortunately I have tried several previous versions and they do not workTHANKS
Nathan w Thompson
Reginald Smith
Can you do a video on how you map in Traktor
Ruben Navarro Huedo
A lot of thank's.\nIs is running really fine here.\nPlease...could you post a photo of your input / output traktor setup?\nWhat firmware are you using on your 4d?\n\nThank's a lot.
Sebastián Hernandez Rain
Si lloyd
Hi can i have a copy of the tsi file
Sári Miklós
How to download it?
Testaí DJ
TRAKTOR PRO 3 Please Tks
Ton Loef
HOI HOI is het correct als ik zeg dat ik denk dat jij een nederlands bent. zo ja dan wordt het communiceren wat eenvoudiger. klopt dat ?
mark narain
for once use 4 cdj player for crying out loud