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A nerdyasian
@bumpyjason so true!
Native Instruments Kontrol S4 or Allen and Heath Xone DX what would you recommend ?
work with Scratch Live? SL-1?
just so you know most if not all DJ controllers and midi devices are to usb 2.0 but gossip in the tech world point to usb 3.0 in time if you are bothered about external audio cards it's mostly the same just some are firewire based the main difference between all the ports is the speed that the hardware acts with your mac/ laptop
lol from 3:10 he totally trainwrecked it! even on systems where the sync option actually works well, i think it still takes all the fun out of mixing! i like to sync the tunes myself! go to a club and use a pair of CDJ's or SL12's and this guy would be up to his neck in shit! even when he used the sync on this unit, it didnt actually sync them! yes it matched the BPM's but it didnt sync. and it wont pitch bend for you when the beats drift.
DJ Em-Jay
awesome bit of kit... allen & heath do it again :)
Daniel Costa
Allen & Heath Xone DX or Pioneer ddj-t1(s1)\r\n\r\nWhat its better???\r\n-price\r\n-quality\r\n.....\r\n\r\nthanks
Daniel W Schuller
is Roa the hugely talented Belgian street artist from Ghen? i was just curious... \nreview is excellent, im looking at one of these used from my local store... it has a return policy, but no power cord or software.. the price is 469+tax. i did some research and i can download itch sw for free and im going to call A&H for the cord or i can get one at radio shack. i mostly like this unit because of the features and the build quality... although it has been discontinued earlier this year. thoughts?\n
Dylan Ivins
does this compare to ns6??
Can you run SSL on Xone DX without having SL3.
Edgar Gonzalez
dx vs s2\n
SHouldI get this or the VCI-300?\n
do yo ufeel like the knobs are a little small and cramped in? do you get used to the design/layout/formfactor?
Heath Loden
Jeff Session
cool vid yo
Jeroen Meurs
love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great video! What is the song playing in the background at the very beginning?
Kai Gannon
nice ROA artwork on the street in the beggining\n
Karel Van Wyngene
great video!!! could you pass a playlist (the 4 songs you're mixing...) please :)\nthanks man! keep up the good work!
Luis Funez
How can i use a xonedx with serato scratch live is it possible?
need ..
Maria Pena
Matsuzaki LTD
@gpol : LRG [brand]
Mauricio F
is this compatible with other software?
Sean Edwards
Hey, which one would be better .. this or the s2?
Sebastian Thoenes
hi ,\n can you tell me how it connects to your mac ?
The Terrer
Pro Audio Star is the best place to shop! Customer service is the best.
Tony Sloane
if the software crashes can u still speak on the mic or does it have to run through the software and can u play external devices without the software being connected or do the external devices have to play through the software??\r\n
@tomasthetank1 Hi. The unit acts as a sound card so the sound is being routed through the Xone DX. That means mics and external devices (turntables, CDJs). When used with the software it acts a MIDI controller allowing you to spin, launch, scratch, dip and sweep to your hearts content. So if your only working with external sound sources and a mic your good. And if your spinning and the software crashes you still have the live mic and external inputs going through the Xone DX and feeding the FOH.
Anyone know the name of the vocal [email protected] 3:20? \n
Best promo video I've found on the DX. Thanks for showing the software clearly too. Price makes me really hesitant on this, but the Vestax VCI-300MKII looks chock full of problems so it makes me feel a little better. Wish it could have touch sensitivity for the money, but otherwise it looks like a bad ass unit. Never have been let down on A&H.
Can one do sampling on this?
Quick correction at 0:35 what I meant to say was it's the only '4 channel' controller currently out for Serato Itch. \n\nFIRST COMMENT WOOP!
i like his hat. what team does it represent\n
lol, the vid is nice also the quality...\nbut the track in deck 3 is synced by soft but the beatgrid is set wrong, you can see it in the vid and also hear it when he does his last mix ;-)\nLOL
shame this product didnt get the attention it deserves.
karl joseph
@DJJayStoneMusic expensive- very expensive
I just bought one these like to weeks ago at guitar center brand new for 499.
mike graziosi
2:42 whats the name of that song\n
@gclef101 thanks! we work really hard to please our customers and be the coolest place to shop for gear. I hope you're enjoying our new videos.
renzo chavez
@arsenko1993 why do u think s4 is better?
Just wanted to let you know that you did a fantastic job producing this vid, thanks!!
Арсен Воробець
S4 is better)\r\n