В зоне особого внимания

Mosfilm movies in:App Store - In the Zone of Special Attention - a 1977 action movie, directed by Andrei Malyukov. A first part of movie dilogy about miliatry exercises of soviet paratroopers, continued by 1981's Hit Back. Major military exercise is being prepared. The commander of guards regiment sends three recon teams behind enemy lines to find and capture hidden command post in 48 hours. In two days the teamleader Lt. Tarasov and Praporshchik (Warrant-Officer) Volentir are getting to know each other better: Tarasov recognises Volentir as a devoted fighter and faithful friend, and Volentir recognises leutenant's commanding and scouting skills.Starring: Boris Galkin, Mikhail Volontir, Sergey Volkash, Igor Ivanov, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Alexander Pyatkov, Ivan Agafonov, Oleg Golubitsky, Yelena Tsyplakova, Yuri Chernov.Directed by: Andrei Malyukov.Written by: Yevgeni Mesyatsev.Music by: Mark Minkov.Art Director: Savet Agoyan.

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