Traktor Timecode Working on Non-Certified Mixer / Sound Card (Mac / OSX)

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By watching the video or proceeding with any of the steps below, you agree to hold the author harmless for any and all damages, wrongdoings, and legal consequences related to the information in this video. 1. Download and install a hex editor if you don't have one already. Hex Fiend is recommended.2. With Finder, navigate to Applications, Native Instruments, Traktor. Right-click and click Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents, MacOS, Traktor. Make a backup of the Traktor file and place the backup on the desktop. Once a backup is created, open the original Traktor file with Hex Fiend.3. With Hex Fiend, turn on overwrite mode via Edit, Overwrite Mode.4. Perform a text search for "Xone:4D" without quotes.5. There should only be one found result. Notice how after the "4D" there is a blank space. The blank space is "00" byte in hex in the left panel. A "00" byte indicates a new item in the list of Traktor Scratch Certified devices. Change "Xone:4D" to "Xone:DB4" followed by a "00" byte. Type in the "00" byte using the left hex panel. Continue to type "00" until you replace the next Traktor Scratch Certified device, in this case, "DN-X1600". Your screen should look like the one below:6. Since you should already have a backup created, go ahead and save the file. Load up Traktor and you should be able to use timecode. Your sound card / mixer may require a bit more configuration as discussed in the video. At this point, if you own a DB4, you're done.
7. What if you don't have a Xone:DB4? First, find out the USB name of your device by opening up Terminal and use the following command: system_profiler SPUSBDataType
8. Scroll up until you see your sound card listed. Take note of the name. Open up the Traktor executable with Hex Fiend and search for "Xone:4D" as described above. Follow the same steps, except replace the entire "Allen&Heath..." entry with the name of your sound card. It needs to be exact! Then fill in the leftover bytes with hex "00" until the start of the next certified sound card. Save the file, start Traktor, and configure your sound card accordingly.

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