Traktor Timecode Working on Non-Certified Mixer / Sound Card (Mac / OSX)

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By watching the video or proceeding with any of the steps below, you agree to hold the author harmless for any and all damages, wrongdoings, and legal consequences related to the information in this video. 1. Download and install a hex editor if you don't have one already. Hex Fiend is recommended.2. With Finder, navigate to Applications, Native Instruments, Traktor. Right-click and click Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents, MacOS, Traktor. Make a backup of the Traktor file and place the backup on the desktop. Once a backup is created, open the original Traktor file with Hex Fiend.3. With Hex Fiend, turn on overwrite mode via Edit, Overwrite Mode.4. Perform a text search for "Xone:4D" without quotes.5. There should only be one found result. Notice how after the "4D" there is a blank space. The blank space is "00" byte in hex in the left panel. A "00" byte indicates a new item in the list of Traktor Scratch Certified devices. Change "Xone:4D" to "Xone:DB4" followed by a "00" byte. Type in the "00" byte using the left hex panel. Continue to type "00" until you replace the next Traktor Scratch Certified device, in this case, "DN-X1600". Your screen should look like the one below:6. Since you should already have a backup created, go ahead and save the file. Load up Traktor and you should be able to use timecode. Your sound card / mixer may require a bit more configuration as discussed in the video. At this point, if you own a DB4, you're done.
7. What if you don't have a Xone:DB4? First, find out the USB name of your device by opening up Terminal and use the following command: system_profiler SPUSBDataType
8. Scroll up until you see your sound card listed. Take note of the name. Open up the Traktor executable with Hex Fiend and search for "Xone:4D" as described above. Follow the same steps, except replace the entire "Allen&Heath..." entry with the name of your sound card. It needs to be exact! Then fill in the leftover bytes with hex "00" until the start of the next certified sound card. Save the file, start Traktor, and configure your sound card accordingly.

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360Aloha VR
will this work with the pioneer s9?
Adriano Haveck
there is way to do this with xone 3d ??? thanks 
Agustin Moyano
Hi, so I can do the same like djm900nexus with a db4? :)
Alex Dahlka
MAC OS 10.8.5  / TRAKTOR 2.6.3  + XONE DB2  = OK !  \nTHX dude ! i follow you !
Alexandre Careca
coloquei o tracktor scratch 2.1 na minha maquina.Uso a placa versaport. To usando os time code 2.1.Tta tudo normal. o audio ta numa qualidade otima\nso tem 2 problemas. A musica ta acelerada e e a musica não volta quando boto a agulha no inicio. tem ideia de como resolvo isso?
Andre Avilia
Do you have any idea why i can't get this to work with my DB2 mixer? \nI use version
Bram ter Hoeven
Thank you very much! It works perfect with the Akai AMX.
Carsten Graf
NICE! Got my Rane SL4 running!
can you make the same with serato?
Chris Simpson
Thank you for taking the time to make the video and post it. It works on my mixer!
Great video! Works like a charm... Is this something that NI could possibly prevent us from doing in a future release?
macbook 13 inch?
Hello my friend, you filled me with hope because I have a VMS4 controller it came with Traktor LE but have traktor 2.6.8 and want to use the codes vinyl only team that can not cofigurar the asio controller board to run correctly my system is Windons 7 core i3, man will be eternally grateful if you can help me ok!
DJ Timmy B
I have this working on a  Rane 62. Followed directions of the video and works like a charm on 2.7
I think you're missing the major point of this video and the demonstration...Traktor Scratch is a DJ program that normally restricts timecode capability to devices that are officially Traktor Scratch certified. This certification is selectively awarded by the authors of Traktor Scratch, Native Instruments. This video shows a workaround so you can use almost any mixer/soundcard. Such certification is not needed providing the directions in the video are followed.\n
nxs2 tutorial on this subject maybe? I spoke to andy c , he said he did it to his nxs2, but i can't around it, once replace the file it won't open traktor at all
Daniel Rachele
Works a treat on my Xone:DX. Thanks!
Danny Howen
you can do the same procedure with Allen Heath Xone 43C? Thank you
Nice video! do you think you can help me out figuring why my traktor (2.7.1 MAC) says no phono/line input supported? i use behringer bcd3000, and it receives input signal from my turntables, but i can't get it to live input track. what could be the problem?
Hi, Is it possible to timecode with a DN-MC6000 or some external sound card? I wrote DN-MC6000 over another DN mixer and it crashes all Traktor. I belive there is a sound card builded in this controller but I dont find the way to make it work. Can anyone help me out :/ Thanks!
Giacomo Di Paolo
Hi Chad!! So, I want to buy this amazing mixer, but , I would like to know if Vinyl's Timecode works with your guide. Can you confirm same functionality for vinyl?
Giovanni Trombetta
Is it possible traktor timecode with xone23c? Or only mixvibes?Help me
Gold Frames
Is it possible to rename your soundcard or mixer in terminal or hex friend?
Harmonic Vibrations
Thanks for this video dude! I got my djm 750 working yesterday! You saved me money bro! Thank you
Hugo Fox
thanks DJChadG, works for me with my soundcard Maya44 Usb, following the steps in this video, I could manage to run the timecode in Traktor ...
Hugo Saval Calbo
does this mean i can use any mixer with my x1 without having a NI interface?
Jader Mansano
Thanks, It worked on Denon dn-x600.
James Shrimpton
Hi Chad, thanks so much for this, really useful info
Jay McKinney
American Audio DV2 USB + Mavericks & TSP 2.6.8 = OK.
what CD do you use,are they traktor ones ?
Jordan Spooner
hey chad trying to work this out... ive just bought technics 1200, traktor scratch vinyl and a maya44 usb soundcard... i cant get this working for the life of me... any ideas
Jul Lin
great video, thanks, but one question:\nwill this hack also work with a RME Fireface 400?\nIf so, how to get this running?
M. K.
Does Andybody Use ESI MAYA44 USB+ with Turntables and MK2 Venyl? ore DJ TECH USB Turntables?
MA Engineer
Hey guys do you think that trick will work with a DDM 4000 behringer mixer?
Tried it multiple times on different laptops and it still doesnt work for my DJM-750
Madis Kipper
great dude, i did this with my db2, works nice :) Thank you!
Marczi Family
Xone DB2 Hex wont let me save pls help :(
Mark Appleby
I've been using this cheeky little 'mod' for around 4 months or so now on my DB2, and it works for 2.6.8, and the previous version too. But for some reason I cannot get it to work with the latest release, 2.7.1 (on OS X). Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, did you find a work around? Thanks.
Mark Bicko
Hi Chad,\nThanks for your awesome work mate. I have followed the steps to the letter and I have been through your video many times and I am pretty sure I have everything covered. I am an experienced traktor user and have just upgraded to the DB2 but after following the instructions time code still does not work. I can mix externally to the mixer but that's it. Which doesn't really get me anywhere. I have check all of the input and output routing and it all seems to be correct the edited hex file is just the same as yours with the exception it has DB2 not 4.\nAny thoughts where I have gone wrong?\nCheers,\nMark
Mark Grundell
Got this working on a Rane 62 today, excellent video! 
Mark V
this worked like a CHARM on my Xone:2D ... thanks man !!!
Michael Morales
Can i ise with cone:dx and vinyl?
Mohamed Badreddine Zouani
+DJChadG thanks for video, work with Traktor 2.10.013
Muhd Shamil
Hi, can i do this on DJM 750 and CDJ 800 mk2? Thanks!!
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Let me see if I understand this... you changed an Allen & Heath Mixer/sound-card Traktor normally recognizes (the A&H Xone:4D) to the supposedly unrecognized sound-card in their Xone:DB4. Then in order to reestablish these \
Anyone try this with the Numark 4-Trak? Will it work?
Nate Sharp
I just tried it and it doesn't work at all. Traktor only recognizes the USB Audio CODEC and it's the same when I open the terminal.
Oscar Troya
i wonder if the same thing can be applied to serato.
Paweł Sarnecki
it is possible to connect reloop spin! 2+
Radu Matei
Works on Traktor 1.2.7. BEAUTIFUL!!! It was easier than I thought!!!
Rave -o-phonic
hi mate, please the instruccions for the DJM750 pioneer.... please help me¡
Ross Sin
Hi mate. That is a good video. Can I know will this work with the Pioneer DJM 900SRT mixer? Will I have to type in the Xone 4D in the search editor in order to get my Pioneer 900srt to work and then replace it with the Pioneer 900SRT command line? 
Roy Chap
Hi chad super dope video man. before i go and try this i have a question i just got a Xone DB4 mixer and my planned set up is db4, x1, and laptop running traktor pro. will this still work for me if i don't have a and external sound card? because i would like to use the built in sound card instead i just cannot seem to find a way. last question does having osx mavericks 10.9.1 matter? 
Sassah Gustavo
genious! Cheers mate!!!
Scott Ullrich
SC-3900 Digital out -\u003e DB4 digital in working with timecode.  Thanks so much for posting this video!!
Sertanejo Fort
Hello friend\nI'm trying to run Pioneer DJM-750 but I have not succeeded yet.\n\nknow if you have any way to run my DJM-750 mixer?\n\nthank you
Sonik Deejay
I did all the same that you show on this video. It works under Os x Mountain Lion , Traktor 2.6.2 with M-Audio Conectiv Soundcard. Thank you.
Steven Hesseling
Using MAC OS 10.9.2, TRAKTOR 2.6.8 + XONE DB2 (newest drivers/firmware). Only one turntable (channel two) is working. Channel one is lacking calibration or won't receive a signal at all. It looks like sometimes it picks up part of the signal from channel two. 
Sven-Eric Ruprecht
It dosn't functioned with the actually version 2.6.4 - back to the version 2.6.0 and it works with the xone:DB2 and the Denon SC-3900 perfect \nTHX for the video - great job\n
hey, I thought maybe you could help me !! I'm trying to use the db2 with traktor but not as a midi controller. I want to use the mixer as a fully functioning Mixer Euthanasie effect unit Etc. I don't need the timecode version, because I'm using a Mac, Traktor 2.9, Allen heath Db2 and 2 X1 MK 2. Please help me !!
Traktor Tips
Nice Hack!
Yzer Beat
thats bananas, great work guys !!
there is way to do this with xone 23c ?
andrew troina
Will this work with cdj 900 nexus as an aggregated device ?
Chad, this is is so great! great job!
arnold fournier
work with Jack:Router:Device and my Xone:2D to ,realy T Y ;)
this is great, is it possible to trick serato into recognising a native instruments sound card or other as a serato one??
It's not working in latest 2.9, whole code is completely rewritten. All soundcard names are with spaces now, but if I change it, it still not working. I'm on Windows, I don't know if Mac have same problem.
thank you for this.... havent tested this yet but will try it out, fingers crossed as the db4 and trktor cost alot, it would be nice to get them both work as they should!\n
edoardo folli
Would nox 606 mixer work in this way?
you make my day! Tank you so much!!!!!\nworking on traktor 2.11 reloop RMP-1
Got this working today, thanks y0!
ideahd idea-hd
Doesn't work !!
junior ramos
como lo puedo hacer con una versaport american audio
mike ouse
MAC OS 10.9.2  / TRAKTOR 2.6.8  + XONE DB4  = NOT WORKING\ndoesnt seem to see vinyl timecode :/ no signal ;( why why why!! - OR AM I DOING SOMETHING WRONG ?! please help...
neil mcmeechan
Hi followed the instructions and cant get it working , do you have the db4 routing selected to analog or is on usb ? I am using time code vinyl and its doesn't calibrate when I have it all set up.
Nice Work!!! I got it running with 2x CDJ1000 MK3 & Hercules RMX.... \nBut theres still the Error Message:\nCalibration failed check needles and record /\nHigh input check phono line settings\n\nbut it still works perfect....\n\nThank you
Hello, does this work with an u-mix 44? please?
I've tried with this but it just crashes traktor after I've edited the 4D for DB2. Done it on two macs, one running mavericks 9 and another 7.5. and with different versions of traktor. Anyone got any ideas, got a feeling it just won't work with my computers!
Do I need a special version of Traktor Pro for that or can I just buy the Timecode-Vinyl? I have Traktor Pro 2 (not the TP Scratch package), but i found the needed hex code in the app. Or do I have to buy the 100,-- Upgrade?