Traktor Pro Xone DX "God of war edition" (4)

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In addition to advanced and chained mode, I use two special modes for the Fx units allowing me to use knobs as super knobs or assigning presets to the buttons (think of them as pads - which they are not but you get the idea. Midi fighter style if you prefer).The mapping isn't available, it's made from scratch using personal preferences.It's still a work in progress and won't be published as I just would not take the time to document it. It uses in depth modifiers so each controls from the Fx units act in a different manner depending on the FX unit's state (chained, advanced, super knobs, pads) and on the FX presets called. You can see that I'm using the super knob mode when three leds from the Fx unit's buttons are blinking and pads when all 4 buttons are blinking. Colored knobs and faders come from Djs-face.The overlay was made using the files found on the Xone's website (DX's tab, downloads), the picture comes from the God of War videogame.Pachanga Boys - PowerThe Martin brothers - Steal drumsThe BuHousers - Roller doper (Java & Montia remix)Shinedoe - PhunkPopof - RoxyTrash Mo Pet - Heartbreaker...

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Gilmar Machado
Hi, u could help me install Traktor in my Xone DX? I do not know how to do. Por remoto .\nThank you very much. I'm in Brazil .
John van der Linden
Great mix! Keep them comming buddy!!!
Leland Foster
Where did you buy your aftermarket knobs?
Molino Official
Mapping for traktor link dowload?
@nitooo1984 \nnope, never encountered this issue.
nito zayas
have you got any problems with the stereo sound???\nmy xone dx lost the stereo frecuendly.
Late question: did you het the overlay of the DX via styleflip or from another source?