Budget DJ Mixers Review (Pt 1): Pioneer DJM-250 Allen Heath Xone:23

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In the first of our two-part look at the best budget DJ mixers on the market, Chris Brackley examines the Pioneer DJM-250 and the Allen & Heath Xone:23. Check out the whole review here:

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Brandon O'Dell
Which one is suited for trance, dance and house?
Dan Jakob
is there any way at all to use the rmx with the xone? D:
Daniel Kerr
i want a decent sized mixer to connect with a tralktor effects thing and connect it to my mac. is there any videos to help me with that?
Daniel Merriweather Washington
it not under budget is it more than $100
Djan Fo
You can always hook up an extra divice on the return if you want :D
Dragos Fram
why they shorten the length of the faders on xone 23 ? I really liked more the old faders :( it really worth the upgrade from 22 to 23 ?
Emi Galván
Great review!\nQUESTION: Whats the difference between 23 and 250? Just Louder or better audio Quality? Where can I found a sound comparison? The 23 doesn't have THRU CROSSFADE? How can you disable it?\nTHANKS!
Emiliano Maggio
hello I have a question, marking the VU meter when we sounding channel 1 and press the cue channel 2?\n\nthe VU meter mark signal channel 2?
Ion Dru
i think allen and heath is the winner for me.
Jack Nunziato
What are the tunes bumpin' thru here?? 
Track ID?
Klubslang Musik
Ecler nuo 3.0 better sound.
Knight Industry
The input situation on the Xone 23 isn't just a personal thing it's a major design goof from Allen & Heath, they deserve to sell none of these mixers based on that goof alone. 2014 when this came to market it's years out of minimum spec, I don't care how good it sounds, basic functionality please! \n\nPoor design thinking...
M.N Wilkinson
The X1 in white wow love to get one.
MadScene music.
can you connect the DJM 250 to traktor on a laptop with an interface?
Mario García
Does anyone knows a good two channel or more mixer with bpm counter?
The only thing I don't like about the DJM250 filters is that their resonance is too high for my taste. The Xone let you control how much you want with a dedicated knob, though you only have one available.
Media Headz TV
i was along bit ago going to get that mixer at the end .good this i did not as im a scratch mix dj
HI! I'm wondering what kind of external effects can work with Xone 23.  I wanted to buy pioneer rmx 500 you said it not work like we can hear, but it sounds like it because effect was turn of to max right? What if I plug effect with full wet which has volume control? maybe eventide time factor? or BOSS - DD-7 | Digital Delay?
Music Credits (apologies for the delay in posting these):\n\nDrumsound & Bassline Smith - One in a Million (Reset Safari Lost in 97 Instrumental)\nDJ Oji & Kimara Lovelace - You Can Get It (DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins & Thommy Davis Instrumental)
Nick Gann
4:10 ... Streets ahead is verbal wildfire
Night Elektron
  between DJM250 and Ecler Nuo 2, which is the best sound?\ufeff
how does the phono pre sound on the Allen & Heath? I only play vinyl
Oliver Philbin
Quality vid mate, was helpful for me as a beginner
Patrice Gerard
Can you please explain how you set up the Audio 6 to the xone 23 to your monitors? I've been stuck on this problem for weeks. someone please help. I have the Traktor Scratch Audio 6 interface, xone 23 mixer, and 2 krk rokit 5's. Would appreciate if anyone could help
Photoviolencia Freitas
Can i put a effect unit on djm 250 in one of the masters and return it to one of the aux and have a “send and return” function?
Robin Ghosh
Tidy shirt!
Roots Pablow
No reason not to get the A&H if you play vinyl and your decks are always gonna be connected to the mixer anyway.
Sahil Horshil
Bhai yar ye baad baad bahut karte
Sebastian Gaona
Good Video! \nI Have a question, Can I use the audio 2 dj from traktor with the xone 23 and one traktor x1 ? or Do I need the audio 4 dj? . Response would be highly highly appreciated.
Secede em 4 Freedom
Crisp Broccoli  
Sile H
what does sound better with vinyl the xone 23 or kontrol z2 ?
Steven Taylor
He went way too easy on the Allen and Heath
Tim Staes
Why oh why is there no master metering on the A&H Xone 23. Thats where a mixer is for in the first place
If you use the effects in traktor with the xone & a x1 will that work?
Yo Sr X
Track sound back please!
adam hennessy
Would soooo love if you reviewed the Xone DB4 :) Love your vids man!
Dj City without hair?
daniel hudson
Is'nt The First 2 Tracks He mixes, loops and fades Too Blind to See It and Ripgroove ?
Is it a mixer that can eliminate clipping without a computer or without using daw or software ?
efeturi anianu
Now it's ocwerd
Wish I'd seen this before getting the Xone:23, as this is exactly how I felt about it. Fortunately, I was able to return it to get the DJM-250. :)
To clarify, my question is aimed at the Pioneer DJM 250.
No numark mixers? no denon? Stanton? these videos are missing a lot of the really common budget mixers. there is some good info here it just seems like he is ignoring a lot of other products that are totally deserving of this list. It feels incomplete as is.
tim deeper
What is your opinion on Amercian Audio MXR 10 or 14 mixer compare to Allen&Health Xone 23-C Can you do review on them I real like how you review stuff.
It's not for him
Евгений Молчанов