Allen Heath Xone DX First Look

Xone DX First Look. DJ Xio from reviews the Xone DX from Allen & Heath. Made for Serato ITCH.Exclusive first look and quick demo of the brand new Allen & Heath Xone DX

Allen & Heath Xone DX ITCH Serato Serato ITCH Xone DX

You dont need the X1. Xone DX is a controller + soundcard. You only need the mapping .tsi file.
BigWave Media
Hi, is there is a scratch mode or something? is it possible to use the Xone DX with some turntables and timecodes?
Can you use the Allen & Heath Xone DX in tandem with a midi keyboard to control sound and effects parameters in a program like Native Instruments Absynth or Massive? Can this thing double as a massive MIDI knob box?
Brian Abat
Can you enumerate what problems you've had out of the box?\n\nI'm seriously thinking of getting the DX...
Cory Stratz
i can get this for $500 is that a good deal? please reply quick if you can
ns work
Dave Donkervoort
You make music in that room ? Sounds like a bathroom.
Dee Jay
thats sad hes mixing without even touching the platter..
SHould I get this or VCI-300?
Luis Flores
can i use this with traktor pro?
Paul Lopez
allen and heath is the club standard... beyond panasonics...  best soundcards in the industry
well, if you already have a x1, sure
Tony C
song ids?
Xio Fermin
@ccbam Go for it!\n
Looks nice...\r\n\r\nWhat issues did you have?
@promodjs Hayhay how easy is it to pitch bend to beatmatch with those little jogwheels? Is it an impossible task ?
can u use traktor?? would i have to map it to traktor?
to those that ask about the jog wheels, if its midi and the software supports it they will backspin. I have my omnicontrol setup to do both scratch and speed control.\r\nHB
jose mena
i have one question, this controler is only for serato? if i have traktor i can use? and also one more question, this is no able to use as mixer right?
nito zayas
INCREDIBOL!!!!!!!!!!! IT´S VERY VERY BEAUTIFULL!!!! i´m waiting my xone dx. Please a rewiew with the xone dx working with traktor pro....