Xone:K2 - Tutorial: Traktor Mapping Switches

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Xone:K2 - Tutorial: Traktor Mapping SwitchesPlease note you need Latching Layers Off.

map switches traktor

What version of traktor is? tell me please :(
Please note you need Latching Layers Off.
Ivan Setiono
latching layers off means we can only map ONE layer to map?
how do i map hot cues (1-8) ?
Mr Mintaka
Can you help me please. I own a db2 and also want to purchase 2 K2s to work alongside traktor 2.5 I only want the k2 to control cue, play, loop and browse functions whilst ALL effects, eq, mix and headphone cue monitoring to take place in the db2. I would like to have one K2 controlling deck A and the other deck B. however I also want to be able to trigger sample clips across the two sample decks C and D. I envisage using the top half of the K2s with the faders and buttons to control the indivi
Traktor midi learn seems crap.
Rodrigo Villeda
Really nice and clear video tutorial. I was looking something like this to see if i change my z1 per Xone K2. Just would ask you if there is a \
Павлуша Нестеренко
Please explain again how to assign a certain color to the button. I have a Tractor 2.6.1 and the output automatically adjusts the same button, but in that case it lights up red. By what principle is the button color defined?
I don't understand how to map latching layers... mapping the first one (red) is easy, but after that...\nIt'd be great if Allen & Heath, after bragging about the latching layers for so long, would come up with a proper A to Z video tutorial on mapping the 3 colored layers.