Pioneer DDJ-T1 | DJ Ayres at Public Assembly in Brooklyn |

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PIoneer DDJ-T1:Ayre's playlist: 1. SOHO - Hot Music 2. A Bunch of House Drum Loops 3. Circle Children - Zulu 4. Beasties Go / Mister Cee Go / Lil Jon Hey 5. Incredible Bongo Band - Apache Drums 6. Triton Horns 7. Sweet Pussy Pauline 8. House Drums 9. Foreigner - Cold As Ice 10. Think / Sing Sing Halftime 11. Nadastrom Bass Wobbles 12. Dead Prez - Hip-Hop

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Once I get the money for this I'm getting it!
hot mix & hot video
Alex Szymanowski
@funnyseekerkid10 lol
Anthony g
hipsterr :D
Arjun Singh
does it only work with a mac?
Carlos dL
Hi !!!!!!! I have the ddj .. where to download the tracktor 2?
DJ Scottdog
they must have cghanged the ddjt1 cos the platers on mine have a red chaser around the out side and the wheel looks different
Great Video!! Its it possible to like this more than once? lol
Daan Jordens
apple only? ore also windows?
David Raufova
the ddj t1 or traktor s4 or ns 6? need help
Derek Pegues
hes good because hes playing cheesy traktor made break loops. lets see him mix some hip hop, dubstep, or house
Dj Bokao Mpc
Brasil ! Aquiii
@kharrigan4199 it's not about scratching it's about blending the right song together the right way and applying effect at the right time to create a unique mix, this can be very hard especially with 4 tracks at the same time
Doug Palmer
@VENTURALABEL From what I understand, it is the EXACT same pitch fader used on the pioneer cdj 400 if you're familiar with it...
Flippin Double
@Superboerrr yes!
G- Jaxx
Yes it very much is.\nThe price is right and you can do (almost) everything all the expensive sets can!\nI just bought it and I love it.\nCheck out the small mix I've made yesterday :)
Gilbert Medina
WOW, That was a really hot set. Its amazing what you can do when you don't have to worry about the pitch. ;)
is there an echo effect with feedback ? thanks :)
No, get a mixtrack and save your money. Or an S2
IngloreUse Cinema & Tutorials
the knock off of the traktor s4 lol
Jamie Santos
can i plug cdj 400 or any other in t1? traktor f1 etc.
Jon Avalon
@weromandito Sure of course, actually if you noticed in the vid he used TSP/TP instead of the pio version.
Jorn Vos
I've just started DJing. And i have a question is the Pioneer DDJ-T1 a good set for me to start with?
Kage Last
this guy is just jogging the wheel. anyasshoe can do that\n
Life Is Music Entertainment
MJ Bafometh
Well done! thumbs up!
Lol, \
Are the effects pre or post fader with this unit?
Maher Hakim
what do you think .. the slip mode in ddj-s1 / or 4 channels in ddj-t1 ??????\r\nand why ?\r\nwhy the s1 is more expensive ???
Mr Marhoobi
is the DDJ-T1 only works on Traktor ?
I would recommend the Numark Mixtrack Pro. Its a great beginner set.
does this also have an \
Nick Figueras-Dotti
@djseik1 no, its a macbook pro, you can slip it under the controller for better view ;)
Pri yon Joni
the only thing that i hate about the T1 is the lack of a cross fader curve....its 20 cent component they decided not to put in the version of the device thats considered cheaper
I just wished the DDJ-T1 came in black, or even WHITE, why doesn't PIONEER drop one in white?
Rally Valky
Is it compatible sound to a club?
Rodrigo Azevedo
hi.. why he Jog Leds are turned off?
Shafas Shaji
Hey gays i dont like thise type of thing
Souhail Rih
he killed it at the end with dubstep\n
Stefan Simonsen
Great stuff. I really appreciate that you're a \
Stevan Djumic
nice one ;)
The chosen one
Its not really a beginner controller but with time anyone can master it! :)\n\nBut seeing you wrote that comment a year ago you most likely know already lol...
what genre / song is the beat at 2:25
Wayne Kerr
would you say your beard helps with your performance?
alberto la torre
Good work!
@weromandito thats y i like serato
@colourit Tracktor syncs the tracks to the speed, not other software! and jog wheels are also for scratching
I dont think those pitch faders even moved a millimetre.
can you play 2 song's only to ?
carlos cruz
fail at 2:35
@ArjunSinghProduction all but a few of those loops are included in DJ Ayres - T&A Breaks 2\n\nThe sources are roughly:\n\n1. SOHO - Hot Music\n2. A Bunch of House Drum Loops \n3. Circle Children - Zulu\n4. Beasties Go / Mister Cee Go / Lil Jon Hey\n5. Incredible Bongo Band - Apache Drums\n6. Triton Horns \n7. Sweet Pussy Pauline\n8. House Drums\n9. Foreigner - Cold As Ice\n10. Think / Sing Sing Halftime\n11. Nadastrom Bass Wobbles\n12. Dead Prez - Hip-Hop
I was not expecting this dude to get down like this. Lesson learned...don't judge a book by its cover. You, my pale friend, kick ass.
I want this controller!!!!!!!!!!!!\n\ndumb that an Ipad?
Cold as Ice huh ... interesting ;)\n
@DJMaxamillionare create anothr youtube account haha
@funnyseekerkid10 hahaha he looks very much like him !!!! LMAO
@moonsticko \n\nT1 uses Traktor. S1 uses Itch.\n\nI would suggest getting the demo of Traktor and a demo of Serato and deciding for yourself.\n\nBoth are used by professionals in the industry.\n\nBoth are very powerful.\n\nBoth have their strengths and weaknesses.\n\nIt comes down to preference.
can you use the s4 software with this . or is that what your using now
where is it for sale for 500 bucks? here in the netherlands its 600€\n\nso if i could order it for just 500$ that would be great! is it online?
you can perfectly learn how to DJ with the DDJ T1. Them, as you get better you can expand you skills by learning new techniques and playing around with it. I wouldn't buy something \
Could someone tell me what's the diffrences between T1 and S1? \nI'm just getting started with DJing and want to know what's best if you just wanna practice some at home.
@untraceable10101 yes you can : )
omar rivera
@djmrnelson He's part of The Rub with Cosmo Baker and DJ Eleven. If you didn't know who he was, then you need to get educated. \n
@carlosdlamo the website
@MacAudioWorks its traktor so the effects are set up how ever you set them up in traktor i think you can do it via sends or inserts...havent played with traktor in a while though so just check.
@ingloreusemodz except that this is laid out just like pioneer would its cd players and mixers and the jog wheels arent as tiny as a headphone cup lol. pioneer isnt copying shit. The controller market is just blowing up right now. Shit, Traktor made a version just for this player, do your research
it's not for opinion get pioneer ergo
he's only using bus power too. just sayin