allenheath xone dx traktor tp201 mapping

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xone dx mapping traktor pro 201. this is a combo mapping from mix archetektand dj g00n and some ean golden mappings added it i put these 3 together to get the perfect mapping cause itch blows

allen heath dj am smith ean golden mix archketekt traktor pro 2

The scratch features don't work in traktor pro 2.10.0
Alex Hancock
can you share the ?
Ankin Aprahamian
Hi, how can you make the Thru function to work in traktor?? Thanks!
Jaime Mielgo Sanjuán
can u send me the map?
Louis Melendez
can u send me the map?
Taimur Ghazi
hey bud, i've been trying to email you but it says the email address is not recognised. is there another address i can contact you at?
Hi, do you still have the tsi file of your own personalized mapping? i would love to have it!
silvio saula
please maping tsi mac ..... my mail is [email protected]
E mail me [email protected]
Wicked mapping pal. Did u manage to get the loop intuitive drop off effect. If you hold down the loop button when dropping off a loop in Itch, it puts you forward to real time instead off dropping you in the same place where you left off. This was a big niggle for me when I mapped my DX to Traktor 2.1 I recently updated to 2.5 but that's even worse :-(