Xone DX Traktor Pro (2)

I'm focusing here for the first part to use the jogwheel as the main control over a FX combo using two FX units (3 chained Fx and 1 advanced) and on the last part of the video on using a quick copy function of a track to duplicate it over three different channels, applying 2 different FXs on two of those channels and then assigning each channel (where an FX is applied) to either side of the crossfader. I love the copy function it allows for some nice tricks.I thought it would be fun to continue the mix from where I stopped like last time. So here's part 2.Hope you'll enjoy. The mix is 'ok' in itself but it was more like last time to show what could be done with the DX and using smart controls to pull out the best of both software and hardware (I'm trying to at least).Playlist:Faithless - Not going home (Prydz remix)Schadenfreude - The road leads east (Meat Katie remix)Celeda - The underground (acapella)Analog people in a digital world vs Tim deluxe - Just won't do (Paul Jackson remix)Reshuffle - The uppershelf

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how do you like the layout and button/knob sizes? I was so excited about this but once I got my hands on it at the expo I was ready to walk away in a few minutes.
great mix, any download links?
Jim Johnston
Having played with both the dx and s4 which do you prefer? Im on a low budget so i think ill have go with the dx which is about 300 pounds cheaper than the s4 now. but id like to hear your opinion on the matter, tar!
I was really torn between the Xone DX and the Traktor S4 right down to the last minute,and I went with the S4. The layout seems to be more user friendly.
Matthew King
this is sick bro awesome job with everything i really like what your doing with the jog wheel....i cant wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys....A&H has such top quality equipment
Xone DX with Traktor Pro 2 ,download ???
@cvana001 \ngogle Djs-face. They have a wide range of colors to choose from. The faders fit without issue, not the same with knobs as they're too loose I had to use a kind of of putty to remould the inside so it fits tight on the unit.
Zooteam production
Hi man - where can I buy such a nice color knobs and faders for my DX?
please mate, could you mail me your mapping to info (at) zanooda (dot) com :)
Hi! What's the CC of headphone CUE in Orange color?
ill fucking [email protected]\n
Saving up mi pennies to buy one these bad boys. Nice mix by the way.