Pioneer DDJ-S1 | DJ Ghostdad on Brooklyn Rooftop |

Pioneer DDJ-S1 (DDJS1):We've gotten a great response from our Pioneer DDJ-T1 demo featuring special guest DJ Ayres, and we've had this Pioneer DDJ-S1 demo video in our back pocket for our Serato users out there. The DDJ S1 is the same size and a similar layout to the T1 but works directly with Serato ITCH. The obvious difference is the lack of two channels, but added are two mic channels, one switchable to an auxiliary input source. The DDJ-S1makes it convenient if you need a mic at the mobile gig, or want to run an alternative source like a CDJ, turntable, or iPod as backup. If you're used to playing on CDJ's, then you'll feel right at home on the Pioneer DDJS1 controller. It's designed to get you away from the keyboard meaning you're spending less time hitting shortcuts and more time performing mixes the way they were meant to be played. The jog wheels on the DDJ-S1 are responsive enough to do some basic cuts, and the mixer feels just like being on one of Pioneer's DJM mixers. The built in effects are particularly fun to play with and can be assigned to any channel including the mic or auxiliary inputs! Overall the Pioneer DDJ-S1 is the most comfortable controller I've played on being that it has the look and feel of Pioneer DJ gear. -GhostdadPlaylist: Genesis - Horizons Hudson Mohawke - Velvet Peel T.I. - Swing Your RagAdele - Rolling In the Deep (Jamie XX Shuffle)Birdman ft. The Clipse - What Happened To That Boy (Inst) Munchi - Esta Noche Win Win - RELEASERPM f. Lizzie Bougatsos (Nadastrom Moombathon Remix)

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2la door
if u need 4 decks, ns6 if you do more club and traditional mixing ddj s1
It's not a tutorial dumbass.
Dope mix no doubt
Aidan Mark
It's to advertise the product, not to teach you how to use it
Al Issa
dudes too good to be mainstream, Respect\n
Antonio Sipala
Serato itch is better then traktor, in fact itch is used with the ddj s1 that is better then ddj t1 which use traktor ;)\n
Arnold P
Need Help --\u003e I bought a new DDJ-S1 a week ago, and as I was trying it out, I noticed that the music coming from the headphone/monitor, seems to be a second or two faster than the same song playing on the master out. IF anyone out there knows the workaround to this issue, please let me know. Thanks!
Asap King
I bought this when it first came out & LOVE it. It's so easy to do instant remixes with all the cues, loops, sampler & effects.
Benjamin Strand
sounds like a good idea man. ddj-s1 takes minimal place and it's perfect for a bedroom or homestudio :)
NUMARK CDJs doesn't exists ;)
Billy Batson
To \
Bram Van Broeck
The jogwheels are WAY too small.. Buy a pioneer controller, you will be used to a pioneer setup like it is in all clubs around the world.
Carlos. Solis.
Chris Delaney
Can anyone help me my echo dont work on my DDJ S1 with serato itch? Any Suggestions?
Cody Clarke
yea man as long as you have serato itch installed in it
Cristian Darla
reloop digital jockey 3 or teminal mix 4=))
DJ Dr0x
It's worth it! I'm sort of a beginner, I landed a nice job for DJing at my Universities basketball games and after parties. I used to just use the Numark mixtrack, upgraded to this and i love it!
DJ Tinhuu
Vestax vci 380 or DDJ-s1?\n
DJFreedom Justice
This is how a DJ should get it on tonight! ;) Totally took me on a journey in less than 5 minutes. And I have listened to a LOT of good DJs. \n\nVery very nice indeed. \n\nDJ
Daryl Kaira
i used my monitors.... fostex
Davy Nowicki
Win Win feat. Lizzie Bougatsos - Releaserpm (Nadastrom Remix) is the last track\n
Dee Lew
Is that a 13\
Dejan Kuzmanovic
If you really had 800's, you would know that there are only MK1 and MK2 ...\nOnly 1000 series have MK3 ...
great work man!!
Dj Ricardo orange
song 2;48 ? pleas 
Dre Vidal
id really like to see this guy mess around with the imaschine .. !! \n
Dream Big I Edwin
how do you sync up your mix so perfectly with your actions ? any techniques? It takes me a long time and I try to keep it as precisely as possible! thanks! - DDJ S1 OWNER
Efren del pozo
The name of The songs are....???
Haha no dude.. \nYou wont be used to the big pioneer setups like the 900 cdj and djm 950. \nand btw the jogwheels its just fine, if you dont wanna scratch so much. now i use pioneer djm 900 and pioneer 2000, and i came from both traktor and ddjs1, and none of them can make you used to the big pioneers at the clubs...
Ellis Jones
I was able to meet this beast of a guy at Goodlife Sydney as he was VJing for Porter Robinson. Awesome guy who displays awesome visuals.
Enter a name here
I would give 200$ and my in box scratch free ipad 3 for an used ddj s1
im actually lookn into buying this set right here. first of all i am a begginer but i would like to someday maybe play at small parties or get togethers you know mix and scratch a lil..i dnt mind spending the money on this set but i would like to know if it would be worth it i mean can i do some alright stuff with it? n for those who are experienced djs would anyone know what its limits are? by the way this djs entry mix was pretty nice.clean.
Ethan Hird
genesis - horizons\nhudson mohawke - velvet peel\nT.I. - swing your rag\nAdele - Rolling in the deep (Acapella)\nBirdman ft The Clipse - What Happened to that boy (Instrumental)\nMunchi - Esta Noche\nDont know any more,but thats more then half of the're welcome
George Pepis
I am very happy with this thing!!!
my name is Ricardo, I am beginner and am looking to buy a Tracktor so I'm really in doubt in ddj ts 1 and 2 which would be better for me that I am still a beginner, hugs ...
Joey A
Will this work with a windows 7 laptop??
Johnny Steelo
damn whats his source for them edits? nice set. Creativity is BEAST!!
Moombahton star Muchi with Esta Noche \r\n
Kevin Deelay
Okay, nice environment, but WHY do you have the bench so far low down?\nDo you yearn for lumbago?
Kin Admiraal
Pick the guitar pick ;-)
Kraziey Monki
well that turntable is sexy.....
Laurence Brazil
what kind of speakers are good for home and small parties?\n
Luis Perez
Works with USB 3.0 on mac?
Mark Richard Francisco
Milan Radojcic
You are perfect DJ. Can you telll me how much IS one of these?
Moats Ramplah
Ghost dad is rich now. He was one of the creators of Beatport. Rough life.
Mukul Lal
wtf that macbook has a white bezel o_O
how did you recorded like that from diferent eangels with 1 cam?
Nick Gerakis
BECKI \u003c3 ...
R. Mathis
22 dislikes mean they bought it but now this good...
doctored mix
Reggie Twyn Currie a DJ...I'm wondering who's the 30 dislikes. It's a great demo....regardless of your style of music preference.
Shako Tabatadze
SYNC Button? WTF!!!
Skape Zilla
sounds so watered down.
because it isnt 2 seperate tracks thats the way the song is
T Haua
This guy is sickness...playlist?
T Money
macbook air 13''
The chosen one
Title doesn't say tutorial! : /
Travis Snelling
studio monitors so mackie, jbl, krk
Then GTFO, this is not a tutorial.
Tucker Mathis
Did you ever learn how to use it? lol I'm about to get mine too. Hey look your last name is Mathis! Howaboutdat!
allen molino
yeah, me too!\nI'm find it really difficult to choose :)
Here we go with these silly toys again!
dez kev
Pretty cool Use a DJM-800 mixer true it and UR MASTER !!\n
The best mix yet!!
edgar hernandez
3:45 just blew my mind\n
This or Ns6 hard time deciding?
hector duran
wao wao wao which were excellent songs
li dong
best remix in YOUTUBE
nav bal
This guy is awesome
ns6, it's built like a tank and responsive.\n
r laken
this video still lit after 6 years !!! one of my fav.
anybody know the song at 4:00 ?
I ve watched this like 1000 times o_O !!!
stu pot
Ns6 ns7 v7 all much better built not cheap not tacky an they don't feel like the will break if sneezed on
the ns6! this one kinda looks plastic compared to the ns6
κυριακος καγιουλης
how they say the song at the end?
yeah! serato has a win7 software and it work with ddj-s1