Xone DX Traktor Pro (3)

Demo mix using the amazing Xone:Dx and Traktor Pro.Playlist:- Walter Murphy - a fith of Beethoven (Soulwax remix)- Italoboyz - Downtown- Cirez D - The tumble- Samuel L Session - Can you relate (Joris Voorn remix)+ tools (acapellas, scratch samples)As a note: - colored faders and knobs come from 'Djs-Face'. The grey/blue knobs (upper rank on the mixer section) come from another Allen & Heath mixer.- the mapping was made from scratch (but isn't available as I'm still working on it).

1D 2D 3D 4D Allen Allen & Heath Cirez D DX Heath Italoboyz Native instruments Samuel L Session Walter Murphy Xone Xone:Dx house ... rave techno

Alex Gill
@Yul303 To be serious I havnt seen much that cant be done with a simple 2 channel controller remapped...i have an allen and heath xone 62 from i wanna say 1999 or 98 and numark total control seems far more useful.. and djs like digweed and sasha have been using 3 decks and a mixer and effects for years to get the same sound manipulation\n
John Gillespie
hey man you smashing clubs with this thing yet?
Martin Taha
hi, im about to buy a 4 channel mixer for use with my laptop. Since you have the kontrol S4 and the DX, wich one in your own opinion think its better
Matthew King
this shit looks sick i am so close to buying one but i heard they have a few kinks that A&H has yet to work out, but awesome job and track selection was sweet
Rodrigo Terranova
track id pls !!!!
Hi there..... your mapping of the DX looks great. Mixing not too bad either ;-)\nI'm an old record DJ just getting into digital domain and as such i'm not great with too techie things such as midi mapping, especially at the sort of level you've got to.\n\nSo, could i ask if i could get a copy of what you done? (TSI wise)\nI'd really appreciate it.\n\nMany thanks M\n
Good shit bro! \nquestion, how did you manage to change the colors on the led's in trtaktor? cant manage to figure it out
@DJJayStoneMusic \nThanks.\nPlease check the video's description....
Hay question, just purchased xone dx, came with serato of course. Dissapointed to find out that itch contains no dedicated filter options. Were you able to map any knobs to the dedicated fitler options on traktor, and be able to manually use filter at any timee ? could you do this ?
am i right if i say, it's useless for 2 channel mixing?
would you guys recomend this over the traktor kontrol s4 that is comming out?