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Just having fun with the Xone Dx and Traktor Pro.I'm using a complex mapping that allows to pull out FX presets. Depending on the preset (and the related modifier or modifier's state) it calls the chosen Fx(s), set parameters, assign Fx unit(s) and give control either with the jogwheel and/or the rotary encoder/push button next to it.A lot of the midi mapping ideas came from the Dj Techtools' website. Check them out!Playlist:Bomb the Bass - Dynamite beatsWinx - Don't laugh (tool)Roland Clark - Soul good (Craig Smith & The Revenge mix)Fergie - SlazengerFaithless - Not going home (Prydz remix)Edo Breiss (Narcotic Syntax Sir Breiss remix/ Loop) - Italoboyz

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Thx for the vid. Can you give some more details :D ? Im using the Xone DX and maaaan the built quality is top. The sound is warmth and powerful, but this is the only controller Ive tested :)
Aurelian Manolescu
Dan Haynes
I've been using the dx and traktor pro 2 with the mixarchitect mapping and I love it, but there's only one problem, the jog wheel LED rings don't move. Only one led lights up on both decks and just stays lit whether the deck is playing or not. Would you happen to know the specific in/out for the led rings? Users manual had nothing about it, neither did DJTT, A&H, or NI forums... :/
Danny Vitto
hey man.. . can you tell me what do you think about your xone dx, and how good it is? this device is on top of my list, but i hear to much bad reviews that get confused... i dont want to think that some tractor s4 or vestax vci can beat so big name in quality products like allen heath... i seen diferent seller reviews, but you know they say everithing just to sell it... so just whant your apinion as a owner and user... nice mix by the way ; 0
Hey Yul, nice job! \nWere did you get the nice coloured knobs from? I think on the line faders it makes much sense. Do you know the specs for these knobs to search for?
Hey nice mix... Could you tell me the name of the last track? I think its from Faithless...
ddj t1 rullaz!
Flash Bang
@buzbee1991 you need the audio 4 or audio 8 soundcard to do that. and timecode vinyls if u wanna play your computers music and control it with the vinyl.
Just Craig
Good video Yul. Mapping looks wicked.
nice mix.... im looking at the Dx or possibly an S4 any thoughts?\n
Nick Voolfz
great mix mate.now im more than sure of buying one of those.gonna say goodbay to my pioneer cdjs-200 and djm 500 to get a xone dx with a laptop.im a bit tired taking everytime 10kg with me + cds
OperationDutchhouse DutchHouse
Meters in red is always bad.
Pascal Dorion
Where did you get the custom caps?\n
Pedro Daniel Uribe Martinez
Thought this was a Serato itch controller only..
mein DX ist today angekommen ,HurAAAAAA
Sentient Speck
So cool! Must take a lot of practice O.O
Sugi Manoj
i wanted to see if DX can work good wit traktor! (am sure it does now :P) but am very impressed, coz i like the way u DJ! Ur really good bro! nice precision and excellent timing! :D keep up the good work! :)
I am curious as to your switch of controllers - forgive me if this has been answered already - as the early vids show you using the Xone DX from A&H and the newer ones the Kontrol S4, Based on readings, I imagine it had to do more with jog-wheel flexibility and potentially direct link to TP2 software. DX sound quality = amazing, does S4 rival it? S4 build quality concerns me. I am looking at DX, S4, or new Reloop Jockey 3 (standalone mixer = plus in case of computer fail) - any expert advise?
Will Marshall
Hey! How did you get the master VU/LEDs working?
Search for Djs-Face on google. It's a german based company, they do have a wide range of colors to choose from.\nNote that the knobs will need a heavy bit of tweaking to really fit, the faders on the other hand do fit well.
Yves Horemans
Very very nice vid, Yul... thanks for sharing!
blaž Abe
hey\n\nhelp me please.\n\ni can get\n\nxone dx for 1100€\nxone 3D for 1400€\nor korg zero and kontrol x1 for 1050\n\nplease tell me bad points thank you very much
Nice Mix, hey I have a question I haave been fiddling around with mapping the xone dx to traktor 2, and do you have any idea why the LED's around my jogwheels dont work properly? They work and spin when the music is playing, but when it is paused and i want to skim through it the LED doesn't move, any way to fix this? Thanks
How do you learn to do this??
what's in the beginning with that stupid laughing mixed in all the time? That is annoying as hell! Dope mixer though - i am getting the same unit but with Serato Itch which is alaot better product than traktor imho
Ughh... This mix sounds so good... Makes me want to get away from TCV and get into a controller based setup. If this thing only had touch sensitive jog wheels... (prob gonna just go with a used VCI-300 because of that)
Wicked mix!!! rEALLY N JOYED IT!!!!! KEEP IT UP
Hey great mix and mapping my friend! \nI also have the A-H Dx, from what starting map did you build your personal mapping on? being not much of a tech wizz' myself (sudden change from vinyl to digital lol) would you recommend a certain map in particular? \nCheers!
why did u change the dx with the NI s4???..u've tested both...in your opinion which one is better?using them with traktor pro ..thank and good video
This is a brilliant mix man!
I have the same controller, where did you get the colored knobs from?
is this mapping available anywhere please? Im currently using itch but thinking of getting traktor as well - i did try one mapping for traktor but it wasnt very good as the crossfader didnt work or wasnt mapped so i sort of left it at there.