Xone DX - Dj TechTools First Look

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Brian Ortiz
this is good, for now, i can't be takin' my cdj2000's to every spot, so this is a nice little midi controller, i can do acappella and some other tracks, looks really good not bad for 12oo
Christian Calson
I like this gear but I feel like Serato is just a step back. Not worth the money. The effects integrated is a step in the right direction.
Enda McGuinness
its crazy how much theyr charging for this. u can almost buy a xone 3d for the same price and it would clearly be better
Fady Adel
seemless looping ?
@emendamcg can the xone 3d receive 4 stereo channels throught it sound card? or i need a sepparate 4 stereo out soundcard?\n\nif i only need xone 3d and no extra soundcard, im with you, i prefer analog mixing rather than sending midi to pc and then wait for the audio to come back (but its like +450€ :S )
its a different kind of DJ experience - scratching isn't the idea. multiple track juggling is the key to this device. Scratching is cool but leave it to the turntablists - besides scratching on anything but turntables or turntable platters looks ridiculous
Too bad Seratos Timestretch/keylock suxs balls :(
Jim Grey
ARE YOU SERIOUS? The jog wheels don't scratch? They didn't think of it? The technology isn't out there to make it happen? WHAT? OH I get it..... just like every other company they are saving it for the second generation. DX2
Mauricio F
does this work with any other software
@Persianbmw94 Was about to say that. Currently saving money for the S4 i have been looking for a midi controller for a while now and I'm glad i waited :) (but this one looks really nice as well)
Can you run a mic thru the fx section?
@buzbee1991 American Audio VMS4\nTraktor S4
Tarik Evolve
most scratch djs i know would want to uses turntables anyway ,i went to a store today to look at this unit and IN 's S4 ,witch turnout to be mostly plastic ,for me thats a no go i have events and most dj's seem to tare shit up at least the dx is mostly metal.
The EdgeCrusher
definitely more portable and user friendly than the 3d or the 4d. the jog wheels are also a pain...you can't scratch on them. not as good as its predecessors. but for the price I think it's worth it.
Tony Sloane
if the software crashes can u still speak on the mic or does it have to run through the software and can u play external devices without the software being connected or do the external devices have to play through the software??
Wyatt Kelley
This video is old but I just picked one up and it does have the capability to scratch with the wheel however it is hard because it is so small. To activate the function you cycle through the button. 1 is to scratch, 2 skip and without it on you can use it to adjust the pitch as you would the side of a turntable platter. To make it work right keep key lock activated.
blaž Abe
@buzbee1991 \nyes
Whatever, \
thank you for explaining down side as well. very useful video.
This thing is a beast,but the only thing i don`t like is the tiny jog wheels.I don`t mind that they are not touch sensitive because i don`t scratch,but they are just...tiny. :S