Allen Heath Xone DX Traktor Pro

Traktor pro 2 and Xone db2


setup traktor pro with xone db2 in external mode.

Xone 4D Traktor Scratch Pro mapping Walkthrough


Hi!, With this mapping you can control 4 (track) decks or 3 track decks and 1 remix deck. The remix deck has to be on deck D. It will ...

Allen and Heath Xone DX DJ Controller | WinkSound


Subscribe to WinkSound: The ...

Xone DX mapped with Traktor Pro


Blurri video with my cellphone, just shows how good Traktor Pro is working with the Xone DX Here´s the link to the tsi file ...

Traktor Pro Xone DX (4)


In addition to advanced and chained mode, I use two special modes for the Fx units allowing me to use knobs as super knobs or ...

Allen Heath Xone DX First Look


Xone DX First Look. DJ Xio from reviews the Xone DX from Allen Heath. Made for Serato ITCH. Exclusive first ...

Allen Heath Xone:DX (3/3) Traktor Pro 1.2.6 Test @ DigitalJockey Lab


Nel laboratorio DigitalJockey di Pontedera CyberMix e Spazialex provano l Heath Xone:DX con Traktor Pro 1.2.6.

allen-heath xone dx timecode Traktor 2.5


allen-heath xone dx Traktor 2.5 setup mapping Vinyl Timecode. представляет обзор DJ-контроллера XONE:K2 от DJ Космонавта

26:57 представляет обзор и мастер-класс DJ-контроллера AllenHeath XONE:K2 от DJ Космонавта, снятый в магазине ...

Allen Heath Xone DX Riddler Review


FOR ENTERTAINMENT USE ONLY! DJ Riddler and DJ Deepstar reviews the brand new Allen Heath Xone DX Controller for ...

allenheath xone dx traktor tp201 mapping


xone dx mapping traktor pro 201. this is a combo mapping from mix archetekt and dj g00n and some ean golden mappings added ...

Xone DX Traktor Pro (2)


Im focusing here for the first part to use the jogwheel as the main control over a FX combo using two FX units (3 chained Fx and 1 ...

Xone DX Traktor Pro (3)


Demo mix using the amazing Xone:Dx and Traktor Pro. Playlist: - Walter Murphy - a fith of Beethoven (Soulwax remix) - Italoboyz ...

Setting Up Xone 4D with Macbook Pro and Traktor Pro 2


Setting up Xone 4D with Macbook Pro and playing and recording music on Traktor Pro 2. Step 1) Install drivers from installation ...

Allen Heath Xone:DX


This DJ controller comes with Serato Itch, but also works with computer-based DJ software like Traktor, Ableton Live, and the like.

Xone DX Traktor Pro


Just having fun with the Xone Dx and Traktor Pro. Im using a complex mapping that allows to pull out FX presets. Depending on ...

Detailed Review of Allen s Xone 4D Mixer/Controller/Soundcard


This is a detailed review of the Xone 4D, a nice professional audio mixer made by Allen Heath which also incorporates a ...

xone dx-Traktor pro dj set techno


A little techno mix with Xone dx. Good watching and......LISTEN TECHNO!

Xone DX - Dj TechTools First Look


for more info and product data please visit our full article on namm controllers: ...

DJ Yuval Assaf - Tricks - Xone Dx