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J9 seems like a good hand...
Comment from : Piggy!!!

Noman Ahmad
9 times out of 10 I lose most of money due to having pocket aces. On a preflop,

Funny story, playing nlh 1-2 blinds

I got pocket aces

And I raise to 40$

Get check by 2 other guys,


2s Ac 7s

I bet 50, one guy fold and one guy calls,

Don’t really remember exactly what cards he had but they were spades, not a crazy bet to do if your a loose player, but he did catch a flush on the of Qs

Now I’ve corrected that play and how you can deter Somone from getting lucky off your top set in a preflight where you are the favourite,

Do this if it’s heads up,

Thinks about what already in the pot

A good 100$ or so at the point and this is trying to get lucky,

Bet way to win that’s not losing to a bad beat is to 4 bet call all in with that and face your cards up, 99.99 percent if the time you will save your self from a bad beat and will win the pot.

Your welcome.

Comment from : Noman Ahmad

My favorite hand is suited aces!!
Comment from : LeaderOfWolves

Miguel Alejandro
J9 and Q8 can work
Comment from : Miguel Alejandro

Art O'War
I love how enthusiastically this guy says deuce everytime DOOSE
Comment from : Art O'War

personally, my biggest wins have been with 7,2 offsuit. i went all in in the preflops
Comment from : aip

Allan Michael
This dude sounds like the ultimate douche fuckwad
Comment from : Allan Michael

Human Being
What about Ace?
Comment from : Human Being

69off don't sleep
Comment from : MaviHD

Video should be renamed the best Hands to bluff with
Comment from : THAC0MANIC

Marl Piece
Good video but im bothered by his excessive eye blinking
Comment from : Marl Piece

Guille Beltrán
K9o and J9o are playable hands if you are in good position and no one opened yet
Comment from : Guille Beltrán

I also like J9. But only when it's my turn, I have the big blind and everyone else didn't raise :D
Comment from : cccpredarmy

Andrew Oddo
I like Jack King off
Comment from : Andrew Oddo

Anthony Stroud
just won on a jack 9 straight
Comment from : Anthony Stroud

Martin Dimitrov
Flopped straight on J9 numerous times, it's a decent hand
Comment from : Martin Dimitrov

nah 2, 7 off is the worst hand, period. you cant change my mind.
Comment from : Zakari

Till Hasbach
but Daniel Negranu...
Comment from : Till Hasbach

Joseph Daniel
scotty nguyen would say otherwise for the J 9
Comment from : Joseph Daniel

Joel Henrique
My favorite is K9
Comment from : Joel Henrique

thulikos tarifas
the worst hand is 7,2
Comment from : thulikos tarifas

suitedness is not at all more important than a high card. jesus come on man
Comment from : Rotbeam

The hardest thing is knowing when to fold hands like A6 and K10 preflop
Comment from : Jesal

johan jimenez
I played a 7 and 9 got a straight was lucky
Comment from : johan jimenez

People need to realise that this cards are worst at the start of the game, when u build enough chips then u can play them as per your wish and hit a bingo
Comment from : Ashish

Andrei Suciu
Everyone like j9
Comment from : Andrei Suciu

Hazardous 088
I dunno. I’ve seemed to have more frequent luck with J9 than this guy makes it out to be but the rest he’s totally right on.
Comment from : Hazardous 088

you just HAD to sneak in a poop joke at the end there. Unsubscripted
Comment from : sukadikandi

Roger Borrell
Chillll my lucky hand is Q 8
Comment from : Roger Borrell

I have flopped the nut straight more with J9 than anything else...
Comment from : IIIrandomIII

Me: I’m going to fold king deuce on the preflop.

Flop: King King deuce.

Comment from : LuismarHD

S Walker
J9 is not on the same level as the others. I like it as a bluff hand. I love j10
Comment from : S Walker

For those who keep asking about J/9 offsuit. The reason it's bad is because
1) the high card isn't that high (they'd be all the 12 Q, K, & As that are higher -- 23% of the deck) -- so it looks higher than it is. Remember it's barely better than a 10
2) You depend entirely on getting a 10 on the flop to hope to have a straight. Without the 10, you have nothing.

Comment from : faithfuljohn

Austin Cho
With ranging this video is a joke
Comment from : Austin Cho

J9 is good this guy knows nothing
Comment from : YoursTruly

Greg Micco
I play king 9. there high cards.
Comment from : Greg Micco

Suited holdings with large gaps also has little equity. Flopping a flush is about 118/1. Muck them!
Comment from : DiamondMasters

Anton Nikitin
I only play AA AK KK and after the flop unless I hit 4 of a kind or royal flush I fold
Comment from : Anton Nikitin

I like shroud more than j9
Comment from : JasonSPD

james hunt
i fold 2, 4 suited..and see what i get straight flushhittt
Comment from : james hunt

I like J9, make a lot of hands with that one.
Comment from : sacman10

You forgot about pocket jacks, that's the worst starting hand in poker
Comment from : eLem3nT

Fish Sticks
I don't know how, but I win a lot with these.
Comment from : Fish Sticks

U can flop quads with any starting hand.
Comment from : fuzz

Scotty Nguyen won the 1998 WSOP off a J9 so I disagree.
Comment from : F8ceman

Milton Bitange
Scotty Nguyen's favorite hand is J9.
Comment from : Milton Bitange

Wiesław Mikołajek
hes voice sounds like joe pesci
Comment from : Wiesław Mikołajek

Luke Bodom
J9s / J9o is actually quite a playable hand in position, and or knowing your opponents.
Comment from : Luke Bodom

This is like a list of hands that have beaten my aces on stars in the last week
Comment from : colincgc

Lawrence Lepes
Nice video. Poker is more luck than skill anyway!
Comment from : Lawrence Lepes

I believe you have my stapler
8 9 suited, favorite
Comment from : I believe you have my stapler

Cliff Diving Monkeys
I have never lost with 3 of spades, 9 of clubs.... :-/
Comment from : Cliff Diving Monkeys

James Gray
Who plays 8-3 off?
Comment from : James Gray

Seven douze, never lose.. go all in if you have them in your hands
Comment from : Fella

Sam Lee
27 38 49 510 off
Comment from : Sam Lee

Mo Chubby's Music
I once played a hand with Jackson 5 and won.
Comment from : Mo Chubby's Music

J9 is the worst hands? Not really...
Comment from : BestPokerCoaching

King Leonidas
who is he, Nicky Brancato or Nicky Numbers ?
Comment from : King Leonidas

Please Never Go Full Retard, Never. Now You Can Stop Looking At My Username. My Work Here Is Done
Can someone explain how J9 offsuit is one of the worst hands if it only has one gap? I know is not a good hand but Im pretty sure is not bad either
Comment from : Please Never Go Full Retard, Never. Now You Can Stop Looking At My Username. My Work Here Is Done

Shekler Smokes
Toilet paper... LOL
Comment from : Shekler Smokes

Michael Turner
I think j/9 is ok but safer if they are suited unless you read your opponent has nothing. It’s worth it to push with but not too hard
Comment from : Michael Turner

Rolka Polka
thanks for the info. Was going all in with 8-3 off suit before i watched this
Comment from : Rolka Polka

I've seen K9 hit sooooo much
Comment from : Bigboy123

Chad Fyer
K 9? nah nah nah nah nah, thats the BEST hand, silly. J 9? nah nah nah nah nah nah, thats like having EXODIA.
Comment from : Chad Fyer

K2 all in pre flop
Comment from : NEGUS IBE

John A
Oh god 7 2 off suit! I think Im about to use them for an old fashioned dump!
Comment from : John A

Nice joke at the end
Comment from : mulletmountain

Roberto Merian
jack 9 and q 8 are not so bad
Comment from : Roberto Merian

Useful Idiot
7 and 2 of different suit are the worst pre flop hand
Comment from : Useful Idiot

Damien Jackson
King-9 isn't wretched at all, while even King-2 is above average. I would always shove either of those hands if I were almost all-in.
Comment from : Damien Jackson

Brian F
How come I always get full house when I fold these hands
Comment from : Brian F

Why does everyone say "Deuce" and not just "Two"? Is there a reason for that or is there just some kind of "thing" in poker where you have to give everything a nickname?
Comment from : Danfga2

Musquet I.
J9? Example of a bad hand? J9? Really?
Comment from : Musquet I.

Krishna Borges
22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 210 2J 2Q 2K 2A are the worst hands in poker
Comment from : Krishna Borges

Lol " deuce " hehe
Comment from : Ladinate

Kaveinga Ahio
7deuce is a curse lol
Comment from : Kaveinga Ahio

What about off-suit deuce-seven?
Comment from : Arttu

Matthew Morales
I play j9 too lol
Comment from : Matthew Morales

Why 2 calls duece
Comment from : KRSyNTaX

jack 9 is actually good wtf
Comment from : SLUMMASUN

Whenever I get a king, I raise
Comment from : Play-a-maker

New World Cinema
i won a full house with king and 2s ;-;
Comment from : New World Cinema

It also depends on the number of hands in the game. K9 is playable headsup.
Comment from : MrC

Any hand could lead to a full house on the flop
Comment from : sepultura7771

Robert Bandukwala
I love the 4 2
Comment from : Robert Bandukwala

apple juice72
There is no bad hand if you know how to play..FACT
Comment from : apple juice72

They try to claim the best poker players don't play their hand they play the players. If that's true then this entire video is (insert obscenity of choice).
Comment from : joeskis

My most lucky hand so far is 33. SO many crazy wins. I will never fold them.
Comment from : S0chan

Mikolaj Klimczuk
every1 has his special i hate AK
Comment from : Mikolaj Klimczuk

Nick Samardzija
This dude is talking to us like we're 5 year olds watching this
Comment from : Nick Samardzija

Zelly Zell
Love the rags reference
Comment from : Zelly Zell

I had a 9 2 one time but stayed for the first three and a 9 and 2 were in the river
Comment from : Shanious

Phil Helmuth thinks suited connectors are overrated.
Comment from : mero40k

pako mastellos
what are you saying..
seven deuce never lose

Comment from : pako mastellos

The worst pre flop hand is JJ.
Comment from : Reyvax

jim connell
only when u are playing good players.....
Comment from : jim connell

Hai Le Quang
I laughed out loud every time he pronounce "deuce". It's like he really disgusted that hand. A lot :))
Comment from : Hai Le Quang

Alex Harris
why say deuce not two?
Comment from : Alex Harris

Q8 and J9 are not the worse hands , moron
Comment from : f00zh

I like J9
Comment from : MrRonaldorealmadrid

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