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Mike Muffler
I'm here for Martin's asmr. #Learning #Refresher #Asmr #Martin #Relaxing #Poker #TexasHoldHim
Comment from : Mike Muffler

Raphael Ceravolo
Bit confused. Can an ace act as any number?
Comment from : Raphael Ceravolo

Thor Christensen
This is a great video but you missed Quads lol
Comment from : Thor Christensen

About the 4 Of A Kind (he missed out) if dealt on the Community Hand, the Kicker still applies which could even include the Community Kicker so watch not to fold! Especially if a Player bets needlessly to fool you!
Comment from : Mac

Well I tried the free game as I have never played poker at all and the screen was totally confusing and I had no idea what to do next, couldn't follow anything, and I didn't know there was a timer which made it more confusing, if that's a typical online table I won't be playing poker anytime soon, and before anyone says you soon get used to it how much do you lose before you get used to it.
Comment from : regal163

Nurrahman Dwi Haryoso
Good explanantion, but the quads and suits' hierarchy should also be explained
Comment from : Nurrahman Dwi Haryoso

job kazi
Martin is a great teacher. He didn't include the quads though!
Comment from : job kazi

LNG Daffy
What happens to people with the same hand?
Comment from : LNG Daffy

Scott Wheeler
"all the ways, top to bottom, of how to win a hand of poker"

...except four of a kind because fuck the rules youll never get it

Comment from : Scott Wheeler

The Barq's Boot
I have one question.
Do the numbers go

Comment from : The Barq's Boot

Did I miss the four of a kind between full house and 3 of a kind? Still good video.
Comment from : Joel

Nikolas Inman
I'm here because of Red Dead Redemption 2
Comment from : Nikolas Inman

What an amazing teacher understanding for first time. thanks
Comment from : xamberangel

Masoud Khamushi
you are the best in teaching poker, i've been searching for hours, thanks bro
Comment from : Masoud Khamushi

Sven Wildhaber
Where r Quads?
Comment from : Sven Wildhaber

Jorge Merino
He didn’t say four of a kinds beats a full house
Comment from : Jorge Merino

What if two players have a royal flush? Who wins?
Comment from : D M

Dante Fajardo
How can a three of a kind say 3 jacks get beaten with 3 deuces?
Do i win if i have a deuce and two deuces in the community cards when my opponent has just 2 jacks but there is 1 jack in the community card? Or the other way around
Me 2 AOponent J J
2 2 J 4 4

Comment from : Dante Fajardo

he covers it in a shorter video later.
Comment from : johnjuanmoon

Ken Barbie
where is four of a kind? duh.
Comment from : Ken Barbie

Damien Batchelor
Comment from : Damien Batchelor

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