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MadAnth0ny C
I got smoked with three Kings off the flop and that happened more then once my advice and I’m no world star poker player but I would say always see the flop always pay to see it
Comment from : MadAnth0ny C

Seems like quite a tight player to me
Comment from : Agrulla

Ajith N
Ur not rich , that means ur tutorial is worst get lostw
Comment from : Ajith N

"Unless you're moving all-in with it for a small number of big-blinds...like less than ten" -huh? I know what moving all-in is, and I know what a big-blind is but yet this is still ancient Greek to me.
Comment from : totherepublic358

Thanks for the cheese. This will really help my game🙏
Comment from : Jnamastej95

nooone saying, k9 off suit is bad early position .. better as the position get later ......your gonna have these newbies throwing k.9 sittig bb like why you fold bb to a check oh i had k 9>>>>>>>> Blinds Are huge part of hand range ...and your oppenets tight aggressise
10 j 3 flopp with k9 has 16 % chance of becoming the nuts(8) and (16%) hittin prolly the winng straight(q) pluus you can still winn hitting a k {8}% or a 9 {8)% or just bluff and blinds are low my hand range is those look pretty


Christian Paul Manuyag
Why would a pair of aces is stronger than a pair of Jack's?
Comment from : Christian Paul Manuyag

Anyone else surprised how good this Howcast vid is?
Comment from : TBucker

Mister W
This actually a great tutorial
Comment from : Mister W

Tommy Watson
Everybody has there hand that they like that is trash to other people. K9 suited is my hand that I like to play but is actually trash
Comment from : Tommy Watson

what kind of poker chips set does he have?
Comment from : Strafe2Fake

Cosmic Deejay
As soon as he said pocket queens, I got pocket queens! Thanks Nicky.
Comment from : Cosmic Deejay

Nice tutorial
Comment from : BestPokerCoaching

Yeah I didn’t understand anything he said
Comment from : Jarek

Joshua Colemam
Am going to make a living off this game
Comment from : Joshua Colemam

Keegan Jacobs
how bout pre-flop same suit but big gap like 3 clubs and 8 clubs ? How is that hand rated ?
Comment from : Keegan Jacobs

kyle campbell
i have no idea what ur saying
Comment from : kyle campbell

Keegan Jacobs
how bout 4/5 or 6/7 off suit pre flop ? Keep or fold ?
Comment from : Keegan Jacobs

jack nine is very playable if the board has 10 making an open ended straight draw
Comment from : Beanmachine91

EL Donjuan
My Manz Nicky numbers ... I wish u luck against the enemy kid..
Comment from : EL Donjuan

nicky numbers > phill hellmuth
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Cholo Galvez
are low pairs just bad?
Comment from : Cholo Galvez

Yasir Zaidi
This was explained extremely well in a language i could absolutely not understand.
Comment from : Yasir Zaidi

Akaash Ahluwalia
flops with 8 outs
3 cards same suit as King 9 outs
if you comgine the two you can flop 14 outs
flop trip 9s good kicker
flop top two k9
and trip kings unlikely to be against another king with so many out
can flop a straight
can flop kk9 99k full houses
oh yeah and quads kkk 999 haha
k9 is not as trash as you make it seem, late pos should be played at passive tables.

Comment from : Akaash Ahluwalia

Kelly Patterson
Good to know.
Comment from : Kelly Patterson

Cassandra Peters
I think maybe he excludes k-9 because while it is one of my favorite hands... its SO easy for someone to have the Ace most of the time to get that higher straight... I'd say he maybe is saying cards that are better for newer players to stay away from because they're succeptable to loss... and UNEXPECTED loss since newer players are less likely to be able to read the situation.
Comment from : Cassandra Peters

K9 is good for limping IMO. Not something I'll fold without looking at the situation. But I guess he is the pro...
Comment from : Marlon

rqkq pq3
k9 does have straight draws. you gotta edit your vids
Comment from : rqkq pq3

Connor Terrill
It would be nice if he explained the terminology, since this is a guide.
I have no idea what "flops top pair" means.

Comment from : Connor Terrill

Re: K9 "It doesn't flop straight draws."?? So if the flop is 10JQ, what do I have then?
Comment from : Kurtiskurtical

Peter Dathisen
Thanks you very much, your videos helped my game.
Comment from : Peter Dathisen

straight cards like 3 same suits and 2 same suits form a straight ha
and 4 same suits and 1 same suits
ex Ad 2d 3d 4h 5h and Ad 2d 3d 4d 5h it is a correct straight are not...

Comment from : DHARMA COOL

I just tried to give myself a hand and I got 2 jacks, RIP
Comment from : Dand

What if you get two cards of the same suit? Is that good?
Comment from : PANDA MM

Guy Soubhieh
k9 is a bad hand but not allways
Comment from : Guy Soubhieh

putting K9 on par with 82?! really ?! And you claim to be a poker pro...not.
Comment from : Gizziiusa

Nicky, spend a couple of bucks on a new deck
Comment from : CNCTEMATIC

Hellen Laespriell
I dont know, i am not a pro but i guess i have come to realized there is no bad hand, one can have a pair of aces and somebody else three deuces. once i was dealt a 4 a and 8 unsuited and i end it up with fours full of rights at the turn. Luck has a big influence when gambling!! I like watching your videos though, besides you are cute!!!
Comment from : Hellen Laespriell

I've flopped a straight with K9 twice in my life.
Comment from : 0zzak

Aynsley Paterson
No fancy graphics about the channel, no bumbling intro, straight to business, just what I like. nice 1
Comment from : Aynsley Paterson

Bent the F %$# out of those first 2 cards bro L Decent vid though. Happy New Year.
Comment from : jdblake22

best explanation ive seen yet on topics
Comment from : purplejesus28

A Person
Do you guys think 14 is a good age to start? (not betting anything)
Comment from : A Person

Charles Murray
Its a video to help beginners, its good advice to ditch K9o
Comment from : Charles Murray

juntjoo nunya
Can't see the cards or clearly hear the terms you're saying
Comment from : juntjoo nunya

K-9 offsuit honestly isnt that bad..
Comment from : SailorMoonAMV

talks like joe pesci
Comment from : laga

Matt Fogman
i wouldnt say 82 and K9 are in the same category
Comment from : Matt Fogman

Matt Fogman
K9 is dope
Comment from : Matt Fogman

Ralph Calhoun
Comment from : Ralph Calhoun

lol k9o is around top 40-50% of hands and 82o is in worst 5%.
Comment from : EasyGameEh

LulsSquad Belac
K-9 does flop a straight..
Comment from : LulsSquad Belac

Ivan Rogachyov
Thanks brotha, starting raping everyone after this 
Comment from : Ivan Rogachyov

Mike AtGoogle
Huh? K-9 doesn't flop a straight draw but 7-4 does?
Comment from : Mike AtGoogle

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Comment from : Mark "Apple" Lincoln

Maneisha Barrett
i love poker.....thanks for the info.
Comment from : Maneisha Barrett

Magnus Pedersen
"duce" (?)
Comment from : Magnus Pedersen

Hen Barrison
A lot of poker jargon went over my head here.
Comment from : Hen Barrison

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