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Mikkel Chandler
Thank you Great Video. Mikkel Nashville
Comment from : Mikkel Chandler

Edgar Joseph
Congratulations. This video may help many players to improve their knowledge on poker hands, poker hand rankings, poker cards, poker rules and poker card ranking. The following site can be a solution for your poker doubts. www.pokerstellar.com/poker-hand-ranking
Comment from : Edgar Joseph

steven jon caswell
Have you got to use your original cards. Your two cards against the 5 in the middle and make the best possible hand. But your two cards must be used
Comment from : steven jon caswell

I have a question if there is 23456 and i have 66 dose that main I have straight 2-6 ??????
Comment from : mu96y

Hady Omar
6:29 player a has a 2 pair why dont he win ?
Comment from : Hady Omar

Prerna Lalwani
There's something wrong at 6:00. Player A has a pair of A's. He clearly has a better hand and it's not a draw
Comment from : Prerna Lalwani

Comment from : Alxous

black born
silahkan berkunjung web kami-

disini kita memiliki web yang bagus untuk anak gamer... dimana pertama kalinya kami membuat game digemari anak gamer....


- add dong pin bb aku yah, buat penghasilan tambahan kalo gak ngapain" add pin:
7b578063 dan 2be2b9e0 silahkan di add yah... aku tunggu yah... ^.^

Comment from : black born

Jatin Bansal
Thank for the video
Now i can become a pro poker :)

Comment from : Jatin Bansal

Robert Beuck
annoying British accent ... not conducive for teaching /  learning
Comment from : Robert Beuck

What if we compared a full house of 9,9,9,2,2 with a three of a kind A,A,A,3,6 ? Who will beat?
Comment from : AJ

after seeing this video i think your dumb, its not a 52 card deck
Comment from : cofferdamn

Tomb Raider teaches you Poker LOL   Sounds like Laura Croft.
Comment from : Eastendbiilythekid

Proud Asian
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Comment from : Proud Asian

Garrett Sheh
this is some kindergarden shit
Comment from : Garrett Sheh

Nawroz Duhoki
@rskrygp yeah poker is my second income, i always start with a no deposit bonus. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site go here ==> bit.ly/19tCHSU?=tscgcz
Comment from : Nawroz Duhoki

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